What is #ovp?

What exactly is #ovp? A question I get asked a lot. It's funny, because what it means now has significantly evolved from my initial intentions. The idea was originally a play off my sense of humor. I needed to lose some weight. I wanted full clearance when I gazed down upon my cash and prizes. I didn't want to see just the tip anymore. I wanted my jewels on full display. No longer did I want to "short change" myself. If you catch what I'm saying here. If not, we will probably never be friends. You should move on now. It's me, not you.

Going into the idea of shedding some pounds and getting my heart healthy. I knew enough about myself that I was going to have to find some levity with my situation. I had to give this journey a name. It needed to sound military in nature. A mission to find your pecker again is a big deal. That's better than a little deal if you follow me. If not, there's a comment section. A mission to find yourself takes on a whole new meaning. It took some digging and tearing away at some old layers of myself to recognize this. I knew I had a better chance of succeeding my fitness goals if I found a way to keep me inspired. I've used humor to mask tragedy my whole life. It's a coping mechanism without a doubt. I used to sit in my therapist office and laugh while telling otherwise horrifying stories about my childhood. She would say, "Why do you laugh why telling those horrifying stories?" The answer is because I've cried all I can. I have no emotions left to give to those things otherwise.

Crazy way to deal with things, but necessary to my survival. Point being, my health and weight had reached tragedy status in my eyes. I needed a mission bigger than losing weight. I needed to find a me that I never wanted to excusably find ways to laugh at, or destructively turn my back on again. I lost my confidence several years ago. I was a weak man looking back. Pathetic is the word that comes to mind. I hid behind an alter ego for years because I actually believed he was more likeable than the real Jon Paul. For years people have looked at me as a guy that leads, but honestly I was really just following along.

OVP started as something funny to keep me motivated. "Operation Visible Pecker." I still laugh every time I say it. I know it's crazy, but that's what feels normal to me. I originally wanted to shed some pounds, see my pecker in all its glory again, basic shit right? I found a lot more on this journey than my pecker. I found my "Man" again. I found a Jon Paul I love again. He's a badass dude and tougher than you can even fathom. This dude goes rounds daily to stay ahead of himself at all times. Like King Mac says, "I stay ready, so I don't have to get ready." I keep that on my wall so it's the first thing I read daily.  I found how to grind again. I found a never satisfied mentality. I found how to be a better dad. How to connect with my son by being part of his world instead of forcing him into mine. I found a greater relationship with my savior. I found a me that will never go back to that old me. That's a guarantee.

O V Mother Fucking P.

Until next time bih.

Jon Paul  

or 44Savage whichever you prefer.

Love you Big E. 

PS: Don't really miss Facebook. I miss people, but...