Juan Pablo "Hogleg" Long  born Jon Paul Long  is a trans-racial Irish, French,  American dude who is making the gradual race conversion to Mexican American. I'm just a white dude trapped in a Mexican state of mind. The journey brings hope that he can obtain a new social security number, health insurance and possibly a new 720 credit score since he fucked up his last one. After 42 years in the trenches of life Juan Pablo finally feels being white is overrated and it's time to break-up with himself and move on. 

I figure if a dude can get a pair of tits. I should be able to transition to Mexican no problemo. I've got the tits taken care of  au naturale. I didn't even have to buy mine. A steady IV of queso and fountain of Tecate will set you up with a B-Cup, at least.

In trying to come up with the words to describe me in this bio. I have come to the conclusion that "Somewhat Insane" seems to be my descriptor that wears the best. I've been diagnosed with all kinds of shit over the years, talked to a handful of therapist who want to label me, but I  just keep livin. If I ever decide to do a gainer off a bridge it won't be because of FDA cocktails with bullshit side-effects. I barely take ibuprofen anymore. That's where I'm at with it all.  I just smoke weed now and I feel great. It's a shame so many are still living in the Nancy Reagan era. I am totally into all the progress that is being made for the prohibition of Mary Jane. Doing my part to be part of the push. If smoking weed makes me a bad person then I am completely shitty, total turd. I have a job. I work every day. Go eat your prescription pills and judge me. It's cool. 

Professionally I am an artist. I have been a graphic designer and animator for the past 15 years.  I enjoy doing it. It's a good gig. I've been blessed to use my creativity over the years to make a buck or two for some relatively important clients. I've also dabbled in the music business for roughly the same amount of time. I never really intended to mix business with music, but I don't make the rules and apparently I suck at following them. I really only want to be a great music listener again. A few brothers and me started a website called Galleywinter back in 2000.  I'm proud of what we have accomplished to this point promoting and sharing our lives in music. It's been a rollercoaster for me over the years, but I've still enjoyed the ride. I like a good roller coaster just fine, but I recently decided to get off the train for a while; from a business stance maybe forever. All that means is I'm going to remove the business aspect from my tunes. I really just want to brush up on my air drumming. It's much simpler that way. I just want to dig on good tunes again. I'll let everyone else do the heavy lifting. I recently started moonlighting rideshare driving. I secured the domain RidesWithJuanPablo. I'm working on something funny with all that. I really enjoy doing the rideshare stuff. My riders seem to be enjoying me too. I usually drive from 9 to 6 a.m. on the weekends. Why so late Juan Pablo? I'm looking for stories here. Even at the risk of some college freshman throwing up in my car. Stories happen when the owl's are out. I like stepping close to the line so it's worth the risk. Habitual line stepper.

My personal life? Well, that is more of a book than a blog, but I'm going to do my best to share pieces my story here. I'm going to keep it all pretty light-hearted here. Some people struggle with content when shit gets real. The important things in my life are the one's I choose to keep most private. I love being Ethan "Big E" Paul Long's dad. I'm always trying to be a better one. It takes work like everything else. It's my most important job in a man's life.  It's the one job I never get tired of doing.  I tend to get bored with most everything else.

My lady Krissy and I are those pit bull people you hear about. We love our dogs more than one another I am pretty sure. Crazy and Crazy doesn't equal sanity let me tell you. :)  We rescued our big bully boy Dings and Dolly our girl was "Free puppy to a good home." Dings has taught me so much about life. He's made me a better person. I am grateful he picked me to save his life. He has in return saved mine ten fold. There is a huge misconception about pit-bull dogs. Bad human energy makes bad dogs. It's humans with the problems, not the dogs. All we get from our dogs is love because that is all we give. 

I love to write. That is why I post so much useless shit on Galleywinter and social media over the years. I've never been short on words, so I have created this site to share my truth. If you dig it then cool. If you don't then that is cool too. I'll learn to live without you. I've had to do it before. Why not just post on Facebook Juan? I figure this is the ultimate "Unfollow." If you came here to read my stuff. You did it, not me.

As mentioned before, I'm just doing this so I can participate in my favorite past-time. The art of bullshittin.

Hope you dig it-

Juan Pablo "Hogleg" Long

PS: Jesus loves me this I know.

Ain’t no point getting outta bed if you ain’t living the dream.
— Sturgill Simpson